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Lily and Larch Events

Creating Events That Tell Your Story

Telling stories is my greatest passion. 

Every event tells a story and Lily and Larch was created so that I could tell your story.  Through every touchpoint, sense, and experience your guests will know what your story is and remember their experience for years to come. 

I'm excited to bring your vision to life!

- Chief Events Officer

Amanda Stephenson

Amanda Stephenson, event planner, posed for a headshot on couch with concrete wall
Lily and Larch Logo in dark green

At Lily and Larch Events, we firmly believe in the power of storytelling. Whether it's your brand's narrative or your family's cherished moments, events provide a platform to weave these stories into immersive experiences for your audience and guests. We understand that an event is not merely a gathering; it's an opportunity to engage every sense, from tantalizing tastes to captivating aromas, visually stunning sights, and enchanting sounds. Through carefully crafted events, we ensure that your guests feel and experience the essence of what you wish to convey.

Our Specialties

Image of an outdoor gala on an estate property

Events are key to stewarding

donor relationships,

long-term fundraising success, and community awareness. We offer a variety of customized non-profit event services  

image of men in suits in the forefront with cameras pointing at a podium for a press conference.

Corporate events are key to brand building and marketing.  We can provide top to tail event management for conferences and milestone celebrations or work on event and tradeshow strategies on a continuous basis. 

Image of a wedding ceremony setup with gold chairs tied with ivory ribbons and an ivory curtain backdrop with green and white flowers

Weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays are the best time to celebrate love.  We would LOVE to help take the stress off and walk you through the details with one of our customized wedding planning packages

Upstream summit Atrium image
rsvp 2
gala 1
ccs gala
Stampede bbq drive through 2

Joelle Tomlinson, Event MC

Amanda's meticulous planning was evident in the seamless flow of speakers and the well-paced day. She personally took care of my needs, ensuring my comfort and awareness of all requirements throughout the event. I wholeheartedly recommend Amanda as a prepared, friendly, and detail-oriented planner who will go above and beyond to create a remarkable experience.
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