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Why Events, Why Me, and Why now

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Why Me?

My first recollection of wanting to be an event planner is sitting at McDonald's with a group of friends the day after we graduated high school. We were day dreaming about what our lives would look at our twenty year reunion (which has since passed by the way!):

Leigh would have a minivan full of kids

Colleen would be a Doctor

Laura would be travelling the world

And I would plan the reunion

No, I did not change their names (hi guys!) and those predictions were pretty accurate! I didn’t plan the reunion because we’d all moved away and I think I was planning some stampede events instead, but I should’ve known then what the future held!

I took a little detour with a theater degree and some traveling, but events quickly became a part of my core. Friends always asked me to help plan their showers and weddings, and eventually, I decided to give event planning a shot. I was planning to move to Calgary after a year of traveling to start an event planning program. But before that, I reached out to a few event planning companies in Saskatoon to get some experience. And guess what? I actually got hired full-time, and it felt like a perfect fit!

Let me share a little behind-the-scenes (BTS) story: During my job interview for that first role, they asked me to design a table setup on the spot. It was nerve-wracking, but I managed to get creative and pull it off. That's when I knew events were my calling!

For a few years, I had a blast creating backdrops, setting up displays at bridal shows, managing crews, and working with my own clients. Then I made the jump to Calgary, where I've been working with corporate and non-profit clients ever since.

Amanda Stephenson on stage at an event with blue lighting and a drum kit behind
Legacy Youth Conference Ambrose University

Why Events?

Well, I've always had a thing for production and performance. Growing up, I was all about dance and theater. As a teenager, I started dabbling in design and planning for productions through my church. I've always had a knack for designing stages, lighting, and other production elements to bring a vision to life and tell a story. And let's not forget—I absolutely love making visions a reality!

Here's a fun fact: My university degree doesn't exactly match my career, but you know what? My theater degree surprisingly comes in handy in the events world! As event planners, we have to think about what the "audience" sees and experiences. We work with teams, stick to tight deadlines, and no matter what, we make sure the show goes on!

I truly believe in my ability to create and execute event visions. I have the knowledge and experience to bring them to life. I'm super excited to start crafting amazing events for new clients and creating unforgettable experiences together!

Amanda Stephenson performing in Kiss Me Kate
Saskatoon Summer Players Theatre Production

Why Now?

Over the past few years, especially during this crazy COVID situation, I've realized how much I want (and need) to work on my own events. In this economy, corporations and non-profits need flexibility more than ever, and having a full-time event planner doesn't always cut it. I've had some great opportunities lately, but I wanted more freedom to focus on events most of the time.

I honestly think that contracting events just makes sense for both planners and companies in many cases. The event industry has its ups and downs. Some seasons are crazy busy, with 60-hour workweeks and constant running around. Other times, it's a bit more relaxed. This ebb and flow can be a challenge for companies with a full-time event planner. Hiring a contract event planner for major events and long-term event strategy can save costs in the long run and give both the planner and the company more flexibility.

As a contractor, I can also bring a fresh perspective to your events strategy. I've worked with different companies and organizations, so I have a variety of experiences to draw from.

If you're looking to hire a planner for one or two signature events, let's connect! I'd love to help bring your event vision to life!

Reach out to Lily and Larch events to learn more!

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Testimonial quotation

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